Hereford Bulls Sold to NCBC Ireland Genetics

Hereford Bulls Sold to NCBC Ireland Genetics

Date posted: 08/06/2017

Fabb Herd Polled Herefords has recently exported two Polled Hereford Bulls to the National Cattle Breeding Center, Ireland Genetics. The two bulls where pick by Rose Goulding after visiting Herds around the uk looking for suitable Bulls. After a period of isolation, blood tests and TB tests, these Young Polled Hereford Bulls where ready for export. 

The Fabb Herd Has 80 breeding cows and is expanding the herd further. We always have a good selection of Young Bulls and Heifers for sale. The herd is largely outcross to the UK herdbook with a large percetage of imported gentics, last year we AI'ed cattle with semen from 12 diffrent sires. We are always travelling around the world looking for different genetics which could benifit our cows within the Herd. We think it is very important to getting the best out of every female so bull selection is of great importance. If you have any questions or requirements for Hereford Bulls or Female please contact 

Fabb 1 Northern Star. Dam- Fabb 1 Snowdrop. Sire- Square-d Tortuga.


   Fabb 1 Nutcracker. Dam- Moeskaer Alma. Sire- Square-d Tortuga.