Hereford Bulls For Sale

Hereford Bulls For Sale

Date posted: 25/09/2017

Polled Hereford Yearling bulls for sale.

Fabb Herd Polled Herfords has a Selection of Polled Hereford yearling bulls for sale,  these come from some of the best hereford genetics we have been lucky enough to use. These are strong well grown bulls with excellent growth rates. They offer great potential for both Pedigree and Commercial breeders alike. At the Fabb Herd we take a great deal of time selecting Genetics Traveling around the UK, Europe and Canada looking for genetics to benefit our breeding program. We welcome all visitors to come and take a look at what we have to offer and love to show people around. Please Take a look below at a few bulls we have for sale which is just a taster of a large selection. Please click on website for further information or call 01487 822224.


Fabb 1 Nathanial

Out of one of our best breeding cows sired by Star-Lake Dandy. 

Fabb 1 Perfect Days.

Sired by Austrialian Bull Day Calibre G74, an embroyo calf from our Princess Cow Family. The combination has worked really well and will definatly be on the list for flushing again next year.

Fabb 1 Pong Keno (yes there is also a brother called Ping!)

Son of Moeskaer Keno